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Enterprise Application Integration

Packaged applications affect how business information is represented and processed across an enterprise. When working with multiple applications, ensuring a standard service language exists between them is essential to effective operations and communications.

everse Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) helps enterprises create a central point of reference from which to view their entire system landscape and an independent platform to accommodate change. Data aggregation, data transformation, messaging, queuing, process flows, reverse engineering, and reengineering applications form the core of everse EAI.

Business Challenges

Building complex and distributed technology infrastructures while protecting investments in existing systems can stretch the resources and capabilities of any company. Evaluating, selecting, integrating, and implementing technologies that optimize organizational value requires that an enterprise address challenges including:

  • Automating organization workflow.
  • Integrating message-oriented middleware.
  • Integrating object-oriented middleware services deployed on application or applied Web servers.
  • Connecting applications via remote procedure calls, messaging, bean/adapter integrators, and object interfaces.
  • Aggregating, transforming, and migrating data.
  • Establishing sustainable technical architectures that support operational efficiency.

everse Solutions

everse EAI aggregates data sources and optimizes systems to deliver growth and operational effectiveness across an enterprise. everse EAI includes:

  • Mapping existing systems.
  • Defining streamlined business processes.
  • Aggregating disparate systems.
  • Extending data to constituents via Internet portals and/or wireless extensions.
  • Integrating systems to streamline information flow from one enterprise to another.

The everse EAI framework ensures interconnections between applications are easily maintained and new applications can be added with no major system development. To learn how everse Enterprise Application Integration can improve the efficiency of your operations, protect current investments, and save costs on new applications, send us an e-mail.